KERBER is delivered to the site in containers located in specialized semitrailers which can be transported by a standard truck.

KERBER: Deployment

The unit consists of two containers - the Main Module which provides a) the supply of the cleaning agent, b) activate the hydraulic system, and c) make the initial processing of the received mixture of sludge and other sediments. The Centrifuge Module makes the fine separation of water and hydrocarbons and final cleaning water. Each of the semitrailers is equipped with hydraulic outriggers for the unit to fix it in strictly horizontal position.

KERBER: Flange box
Flange box

During the preparatory stage the trailers are unlocked from the trucks, the unit is connected to the electricity line and the water (or steam) supply pipeline is connected. The unit is loaded with water; the pipelines to the tanks for collecting hydrocarbons and draining water are connected as well. The water treatment unit could clean water for the purity sufficient, according to local standards, to drain it to the local sewage system.

All KERBER connections to the external supply lines and between the tanks are established through the flange (please, see the photo) and communication boxes built in the container sides.

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